“Good Food, Amazing staff”

We were dying for some decent food having had just truly terrible meals on Bourbon Street and finally found this place. We were warmly welcomed by Tina and she served us for the night. The Alaskan crab, oysters and gator were really good along with the hurricanes. Tina made the overall experience better when we asked for more crab because we think the kitchen was pretty much closed but there was no hassle. Really enjoyed the meal but cant compliment the staff and Tina enough.

-P.G.N. 2/15/20, TripAdvisor

“The food and atmosphere was great!”

The charbroiled oysters were everything! Our lyft driver who is a native, recommended this place to us and we were more than satisfied! A must try for anyone.

-Janice M. 2/14/20, Facebook

“Fantastic menu”

Staff was attentive, knowledgeable and warm. In particular, Samacha knows her stuff. Her menu recommendations were on point. She seemed to have genuinely tried most entrees and made accompaniment suggestions that made great items even better, if that’s possible. We may or may not have resorted to mopping up sauce off of plates….

-Wayne M. 2/10/20, Yelp

“My very favorite restaurant in town”

Food is superb. Service and accommodations are five star.

-Rikki C. 2/7/20, Facebook

“AMAZING! Highly recommend.”

It was our last night in New Orleans and this restaurant left us with a great taste in our mouths. Exceeded our expectations.

-T.S. 2/1/20, TripAdvisor

“I will be coming back whenever I visit Nola. :)”

I’ve now been to Royal House twice and it’s also been the first meal of each trip to Nola. All I can say is if you don’t try the char-grilled oysters then you have done yourself the biggest disservice. This has to be my favorite dish to order. Other notable favorites – the Taste of New Orleans sampler! You get to try the gumbo, jambalaya and étouffée. Gumbo was my second favorite dish.

-Jenai A. 1/16/20, Yelp

“5-stars again!”

Royal House has never disappointed us. We came here for dinner tonight. We started out with a dozen chargrilled oysters. The oyster were amazing as always. Best I’ve ever had in fact and I’ve had them all over. […] Thank you Royal House for another fine NOLA meal.

-Jim B. 1/15/20, Yelp

“Still Yummy!”

Although it has been 3+ years since we visited New Orleans, we were delighted that the Royal House still had great food. The shrimp Po Boy was delicious and my husband enjoyed the Crawfish Étouffée and Gator Bites.

-Valerie M. 1/1/20, TripAdvisor

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